an appetite for change

We have all spent our working lives managing railway organisational change in one form or another, so we bring extensive practical experience and a proven capability to our projects.

During our careers, we have led change both from senior management positions within major railway industry businesses and also as consultants. We have successfully implemented many new systems and processes, managed acquisitions, delivered performance turnarounds and implemented major structural change in large organisations.

We regularly provide expert support to major consulting firms as Subject Matter Expertise Associates in railways and engineering. We have a trusted network of associates who can provide specialist support when required.

Our pragmatic approach is based on our experience that successful change is all about:


Clarity of purpose and required outcomes is critical to success. Why is the change required? What happens if we do? What happens if we don't?


You cannot really hope to make effective change if you don't understand how and why it is today.


The detailed design and planning of the future state is critical to success and all too often compromised. How will the change impact structure, roles & responsibilities, metrics, processes and behaviour? Scenario testing to check it works in practice and identify any issues is vital.


Above all engaging with people to help them want the change to be a success. Communication, training and listening. People who are united in their purpose are unstoppable.

We have extensive experience of practically applying these capabilities and principles to:

  • Successfully transfer and implement new technology for railways.
  • Provide expert independent professional support to our customers who need change.


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